Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Sea of People Step It Up

What a great day! Hundreds and Hundred of people Stepped It Up in Battery Park --- an event to warn about global warming just a day before we're supposed to have a record rainfall in New York City.

We came all the way from Queens to attend a fantastic rally. We were proud to see our own Congressman, Anthony Weiner, had not only Stepped It Up, but came down to Battery Park to address the crowd.

Everyone who spoke to the crowd was inspiring, not only for what they said, but for who they were. So many young people were speaking, were volunteering, were dressing in blue. Everyone was in high spirits. Certainly our future leaders are very inspiring.

We arrived early, all dressed in blue, and stood all the way in front to hear the speakers. When we turned around at the end, we were so excited to see thousands of people, all ages and backgrounds, dressed in blue, seeking peaceful change.

We followed the fish banners and joined the East group down Pearl Street, over to South Street Seaport. We were told by the volunteers that at a certain point we would spread our arms -- so that every one would be arms-length from the person next to them, in order to make the wave that would signify the Sea of People.

We never did the arms-length thing. We had too many people to do the arms-length thing.

We made a lot of waves, though.

We had a real good time, and we know that we are not alone out there. A lot of people want change. They hope to lead different lives.

Congratulations to everyone who got to attend any of the StepItUp events.

Special congrats and thank yous to Bill McKibben, who spoke at the rally, and who was fighting this issue long before any of us knew what the words "global warming" meant.

We have a chance to save the world.