Tuesday, April 10, 2007

StepItUp -- Action on Climate Change

StepItUp 2007

"This April 14th, tens of thousands of Americans will gather all across the country at meaningful, iconic places to call for action on climate change. We will hike, bike, climb, walk, swim, kayak, canoe, or simply sit or stand with banners of our call to action:

"Step it up, Congress! Cut Carbon 80% by 2050."

We plan to be part of the Sea of People .[video here]

"The SEA OF PEOPLE project combines the dynamics of a mass rally with the expressive power of an interactive artistic installation. A noon rally at Battery Park (main lawn) will kick off the event. Then, thousands of participants, ideally dressed in blue, will stretch north in two columns along the projected eastern and western 10-foot waterlines that may one day redefine lower Manhattan under the ten-foot sea level rise scenario. Creating, in essence, a Sea of People!"

Hope to see you there. If you can't make it down to Battery Park, think about joining an action closer to home