Thursday, March 24, 2005

Would A Living Will Make A Difference?

After reading Tom DeLay's comments that if there was no writing (no living will), he didn't care what the husband said. After reading a summary of the Pope's 1995 encyclical on the Culture of Life. After reading William Bennett in The National Review declare that Governor Bush should just have the police go in the middle of the night and seize the body (which I guess can still happen)

Terri Schiavo had a writing. It was called her marriage license. And these people completely ignored it.

It is not possible that a living will would have greater force than a marriage license.

According to Tom DeLay, the marriage license was somehow invalid because the husband had a girlfriend. I heard that before. It was the same logic used when all these sanctity of marriage types got uppity when Hillary wouldn't leave Bill.

I don't have the words to answer Tom DeLay's perverted thinking --- we know now that we lack vocabulary to talk to one another on any of these issues. Maybe we should speak to each other in nursery rhymes for a while.

Anyway, as we fight these people going forward, we have to know that if Terri Schiavo had a living will that said that she preferred a death with dignity, the Tom DeLays of the world would have ignored it. How? Let me help Tom out.

Tom would have said that

"If Terri Schiavo had known about her current circumstances, if she knew how many people wanted her to live, if she knew what her parents wanted, and what her brother and her sister wanted, she would have definitely chosen to live as well. Therefore, we are doing what Terri wants. We are ignoring the writing that she made all those years ago."

Someone else's marriage license is sacred, and you don't get to pass judgment on which marriage license is better than which other marriage license.

But these people feel they have the right to pass judgment.

Therefore, the marriage license is not sacred.

And if the marriage license is not sacred, nothing is sacred.

Do you really think that these people are going to let any piece of paper stand in their way? If they show no respect for the Supreme Court of the United States, do you really think they would treat a living will like kryptonite?