Monday, March 21, 2005

Texas and the George W. Bush Kill The Terminally Ill Act

Daily Kos
continues to run articles on the people in Texas who are trying to save their relatives, but are instead having them killed by hospitals operating under the George W. Bush Kill-The-Terminally-Ill Act. They are also printing lots of stuff from people who are tying all the threads together. You can look at it if you want to.

Of course, Texas can change the law if they want. They don't want, because they don't want expensive medical procedures to be a drain on hospital resources. In Texas, they choose money over life. I can make that argument for them, too. I can see why a state, or a family, or an individual herself, would not want to let every penny she worked hard for her entire life go down the drain over a quixotic quest for one more day of brain-damaged life.

I think they're torturing this poor woman in Florida, and she is a woman, not somebody's little girl. It is not surprising that the parents can't let go. It is their job to keep their child alive, even if they have to destroy the rest of the world to do it. That is just one reason that it is important that at some point, like when the child is 41, that the decision not be completely the parents to make.