Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey! Senator Inhofe! Have Someone Read This To You

Al Gore -- Law Abiding Gas-Guzzling American

I also wrote this. That has some factual information in it about carbon offsets, but since I am not paying you anything, I don't expect that you care.

I will leave your reader with this excerpt from my carbon offset post.

"So the New York Post runs a lead editorial called Gore The Guzzler and complains that the former Vice President, a son of a Senator, a multi-millionaire, is a hypocrite, because he uses more energy than some immigrant family living off public assistance in the Bronx.

"Me, I wonder how Gore's energy use compares to that other son of a Senator turned Vice President (George 41). The Post complains about Gore wasting energy, but what about Dick Cheney's world-wide tour of spreading mischief and misinformation throughout the South Pacific? I wonder how much energy that uses.

"The New York Post doesn't make that comparison. That would be an honest comparison, and the Post doesn't seem to be up to anything honest."