Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ideas for Posts I Can't Get Around To

(Why did Bush even allow Ashcroft to let an internal White House matter go into the criminal justice system? Why didn’t Gonzalez fire Fitzgerald while he was going around firing people?)

(Don’t believe anything you hear about how the Democrats criminalized a political matter. That was all Bush, all the time.)

[John Ashcroft is not my favorite fellow, but at least he faced the voters once or twice, and won an election (several?) along the way. How many Republicans in the Bush Administration have ever faced a voter? Think it might have given them some badly-needed perspective?]

[What did Libby’s little love letter to Judy Miller mean anyway? The one about the tangling tumbleweeds, or whatever it was.]

(I’d never call a paper that publishes Maureen Dowd on a regular basis liberal, but I know where the consensus lies).

(A good essay question would be to compare and contrast the Administration’s treatment of soldiers and government employees doing their jobs properly with its treatment of private contractors doing the same jobs incompetently. Oops, just short-circuited about 50,000,000 American brains.)

(Whatever you do, pray for President Bush’s continued good health. You don’t want Bush to die on us, and to have Cheney become President, and you don’t want Cheney to resign, and allow Bush nominate someone for Vice-President, like say, Jeb Bush, and enable him to be the front-runner in the 2008 Presidential race.)