Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Let’s start the Libby discussion by reminding ourselves that (a) the Prosecutor was a Republican, and (b) there wouldn’t have been a Prosecutor if Bush had simply gone to Cheney and said, “Hey, Dick, WTF?”

Virtually all the time, when someone tries to obstruct justice, they apparently fail to obstruct justice. Liars tend to delay the facts from coming out, but cannot really destroy them. So you wind up scratching your head wondering why someone would take such a major risk to obstruct justice over some trivial matter.

Most people think they are smart enough to outsmart the entire Federal justice apparatus.

Turns out that Lew Libby is as smart as he thinks he is.

Libby has actually succeeded in obstructing justice.

Yeah, it turns out that outing a CIA agent is a crime that is just about impossible to prove. However, it is unlikely that Libby was worried about leaking information on Valerie Plame when he went to the grand jury. Must have been something else in the Joe Wilson/ Valerie Plame/ Niger/ uranium/ British intelligence forged documents chain (remember those)that was making Lewis a wee bit nervous.

What might it be?

How would I know? Scooter Libby has successfully obstructed justice.

It is five years after the trip to Niger, four years after the State of the Union, and we still don’t know.

Years and years where Bush has constantly been able to say that he cannot comment on, he will not act in the middle of, an ongoing investigation, an ongoing trial, and soon an ongoing appeal.

Sort of like what Bush said about Abu Gharib, sort of like what Bush said about Katrina, sort of like what Bush is saying about Walter Reed.

It seems that the answer to Abu Gharib is to look to the private contractors. It seems that the answer to Katrina is look to the private contractors. It seems that the answer to Walter Reed will be to look to the private contractors. Kind of makes you wonder where the answer to this obstruction of justice issue, the answer to what was troubling in the trail up to the WMD fraud that Libby has short circuited, may lie.

Now, I bet that Bush will say he cannot comment, will not act on Libby, until the appeals process is exhausted. If Libby has any kind of legal representation (and we know he does), they should be able to stretch this out until January, 2009. Then Libby can get his pardon (he was only doing his job, helping the President win the war), and pay his lawyers back from his book and movie deals. Maybe even get to keep a little extra for himself.

Thanks for serving your country, Scooter! Thanks for keeping so many people on the government payroll, wasting the taxpayers money, chasing after you.