Friday, November 03, 2006

John Kerry and the New York Post

I sent this letter to the New York Post:

John Kerry says soldiers are in the military because they are too stupid to have other options. Then he says it’s a joke. You print a front-page picture of soldiers holding a banner full of misspelled words. Then you say it’s a joke.

Why should I believe that anybody’s joking?

You write an editorial saying, in essence, scratch a Democrat find someone who is opposed to the military. I bet all the ranting and raving you guys are doing won't change one solitary vote. Here's why --

If everyone wasn't so busy trying to score points, you would also mention that soldiers are being drawn from isolated, poorer areas of the country. You would mention that the war is being fought by a small number of families being asked to give over and over and over again.

If most of the country has no friends or relatives in the military, if they have no personal stake in the military, you can feel free to make jokes about them. After all, it's no one you know.

The military needs to include more people from more walks of life. In order to do that, the military culture that is constantly being advertised by the government and the media has to be more tolerant, far less religously fundamental, and, I'm sorry New York Post, far less Republican.

A military that is drawn from such a narrow patch of the population can not truly represent, or adequately and accurately fight for, a free people.