Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some Uses of Language

Marty Peretz on the Republican habit of using the word "Democrat Party"

"It was Senator Joe McCarthy who, with his twisted mouth often oozing the charming brew of beer and saliva, would snarl out the words "Democrat Party," as if they referred to vermin. Perhaps it is an indication of Republican panic that they have descended to using McCarthy's cheap tactics to discredit the opposition. And have I not heard Bill O'Reilly doing exactly the same thing?"

I thought that one point was that if you say Dem-o-crat, a three syllable word ending in a "t" in the right way, it sounds like Com-mu-nist, a three syllable word ending in a "t".

The response to Marty's posting talked a little about the word "Republicant".

I've always liked that word.

It sums up the entire philosophy of that party.

"The Republic Can't".

As In ---

The Republic Can't Do Anything for people like you, until you become people like us.


On a completely different, somewhat obscure language note ---

Whenever I watch James Lipton on Inside The Actors Studio, I can't help thinking that he stole his entire interviewing style from Ralph Kiner.

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