Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our Courageous "LIberal" Media

Kudos to The New York Post , a conservative paper, for being the only paper to have the guts to plaster on its front page what all the world's liberals are thinking today



I'm also looking forward to Fox News's "fair and balanced coverage" of the death of Kenny Boy Lay.

After all, when a close friend of the Clinton's, Vince Foster, died under mysterious (and convenient) circumstances, Fox was all over that, showing us all possible motives for foul play.

I am sure Fox will give this death the same amount of air play.

Now, for the first time, we read that Kenny may have had a heart attack in his past.

Since Kenny said every possible thing and tried every possible way to keep himself out of jail, don't you think he might have mentioned his poor health somewhere along the line?

Or did he study honest disclosure with Sadman Insane?

Listen, sleaze knows no political orientation. Kenny's convenient death puts me in the mind of the equally convenient suicide of Donald Mannes, so-called "liberal Democrat," here in Queens, back in the day. Donald was an old school pol in the Dick Cheney/ Tom deLay tradition of sweetheart contracts, and "the taxpayers will never know its missing" double accounting techniques. The first Donald was far along in his failed attempt to keep himself out of jail when he conveniently killed himself -- just in time to save the family fortune from government officials who rightfully thought that the money might have belonged to the taxpayers.

Enough pornography.