Thursday, February 23, 2006

United Arab Emirates runs our ports

Here is the Red State/ Blue State thing I cannot understand.

I think, and I wrote about it when New Orleans went under , that if the Federal Government is not in control of the ports, then there is no reason to have a Federal Government.

No. Conservatives say. The government can't run the ports. The government can't do anything.

Now, suddenly, these same people are saying -- Oh. Sorry. We didn't mean that governments can't do anything. We only meant that the government of the United States can't do anything.

The United Arab Emirates --- that's different --- they, of course, are completely capable of running the ports. And soon, I would venture to say, our military as well.


Watched that bastion of Red State support -- CNN -- for an hour this morning. They kept saying, falsely, that some company is taking over these port operations. They left the false impression that this was a private consortium of UAE businesses.

Senator Biden attempted to correct them. He rightly pointed out that this was a state-owned corporation. An arm of the UAE government.

CNN refused to make the correction.

What do we need Fox for, if CNN is spreading all the same lies?