Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Gore -- Law Abiding Gas-Guzzling American

After seeing An Inconvenient Truth 4 times:

Al Gore is NOT telling people to live in the cold and the dark to save the polar bears.

In the course of the movie, you see Al Gore fly all over the planet, and use computers like they are going out of style.

His so-called "slide show" is full of energy-consuming visual effects.

Gore is just asking people to use less energy when they can.

And to buy carbon offsets.

And anyone can do that. You don't need to be rich.It's a very small use tax.

Gore is not being a hypocrite. And he is not being a martyr.

My most liberal teacher at Harvard Law School -- my tax professor -- taught us:

If you don't believe in tax loopholes, then lobby against them. But as long as there are tax loopholes, and everyone else is using them, make sure you tell your clients to use them. That's being a good lawyer. And use them yourself. Don't be a fool.

Al Gore is not a hypocrite. He's not a fool. He's trying to change the law. But in the meantime, he will obey the laws on the book. Al Gore is just a law-abiding gas guzzling American. Who buys carbon offsets.

And the WSJ and the Foxies and the Post and the Rushies all know that.

But they choose to make up an issue out of thin air and slam Gore for it.

As if destroying Al Gore will make global warming go away.

That's why I called it a smear.