Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It Can Just Make You Rant

I'd like to apologize to my old friend Brucefan Is Back .

I wanted to post a quick comment to his June 2 post on "Does It Really Matter Who Wins?"

And I left a full fledged rant. Check it out there if you like. Join the conversation.


Brucefan and I agree on the basic point, though.

Come Election Day, the Republicans will win. The nation is not ready for President Obama or President Clinton.

That is not to minimize the enormous progress we have made as a nation just to be where we can seriously discuss the issue of an African American President. It's a good moment.


I watched all 3 speeches tonight, McCain's "let's pretend I've been sleeping the last 8 years" speech.

Clinton's -- "I've won. Does any one want to say I didn't win? Well do ya, punk"


Obama's speech was so passionate. This was the first time I got caught up the emotion of an Obama speech. Still a little unsteady about the content. Seems to me that if McCain is saying that he will do the Bush agenda, only right this time, then Obama is going to try to do the Jimmy Carter agenda, only right this time.


Need to go to sleep, but Hillary's speech just leads you to think that she is going to find some third party to endorse her. Why should she let go of this support?

I know I said it last time, but the speech tonight really nailed it home for me.

-- Who'd have thought that the Senator from New York -- the Senator from New York City, really -- would run the George Wallace class resentment campaign?