Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Do Democrats Get Out of Suicide Mode? (Another Installment of How To Choose Between Democratic Candidates You Know Are Going to Lose in November)


So, Hillary did not get her 10% victory in Pennsylvania. And her arguments to the superdelegates as to why they should nominate her are no better than the arguments of any other white Democrat who is eligible to run for President. I am forming an exploratory committee.

Hillary did not need to prove it to me, since I have been blogging on this point for months, but she proved it to everyone else -- that the country is not ready for a President who is a person of color.

However, in making her case, Hillary has basically made it impossible to get the support of any person who actually listens to her or her husband speak. I expect Lou Dobbs and Ann Coulter to endorse Hillary any day now.

In seeking her less than 10% victory (i.e, a victory not worth a piece of used toilet paper), Hillary made peace with Richard Scialfe, the man who financed the Paula Jones investigation that lead directly to the disclosure of Monica Lewinsky that lead directly to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

To answer a long standing query of my friend, A Red Mind In A Blue State, Hillary has now apologized to the vast right wing conspiracy.

I haven't.

Let Hillary form her owned damned party. (Which I suspect she'll do anyway if she is not nominated.)

Of course, since Hillary is just selfish joke, and a third consecutive Republican term at this point is an existential threat to the Constitution, I will have no trouble pulling the lever for Hillary if she is the Democratic candidate.


I had been saying all along that the country was not ready for a President who is a person of color. Usually, I phrase it cynically. I say that a black candidate will find that no one will vote for him because the Republicans will make sure that the voting booths are broken.

However, the less cynical reason can be found in the issue of the Reverend Wright, and the Philadelphia speech, the best speech a Democrat has made since Kennedy's inaugural speech.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell can spend decade after decade spewing divisive lies about all sorts of topics they know less than nothing about. Every Republican office holder has a picture of themselves shaking hands with one of these so-called "Men of God" hanging proudly on their wall. Yet no one really believes that even President Bush takes what these men say seriously.

John McCain hopped on an airplane to beg for the endorsement of Reverend Hagee, the most anti-Catholic person in the Western Hemisphere. Yet we all laugh at McCain's opportunisic pandering of the Texas megachurch vote. No one thinks that Senator McCain hates Catholics. We just assume that poor John -- the man who will have his finger on the nuclear button next January 20 -- is having another senior moment.

Yet the liberal reaction to Reverend Wright and to the entire notion of what Black Ministers may say and do, shows a complete lack of understanding (myself included) of what actually goes on in the black community on a daily basis. Barack Obama was supposed to leave his church? And go where? Do we really know that Reverend Wright is a radical in the broad scheme of things?

Why do we assume that Barack Obama is the only person in the United States who pays 100% attention to everything his minister has to say?

Obama's speech in Philadelphia appears to have been everywhere admired as an act of political jujitsu, and nowhere taken to heart.

Liberal America is not going to elect a candidate from a world they know so little about, and seem so incapable of learning about.

Forget about what's going to happen when Obama has to face Conservative America as well.


It's OK for Hillary to channel Jesse Helms in her race against Obama.

Why isn't it OK for Obama to ask who is going to be holding Bill Clinton's DNA while he's in Washington? Does he get to do a nostalgia tour of the Oval Office on quiet summer weekends?

When is Obama finally going to mention to the family values crowd that the only one of the 3 remaining candidates with no history of marital problems is -- um --Barack Obama?

Oh, we can't mention that John McCain started attending to business with his present wife while he was still married to his previous wife?

When is Obama going to try to backtrack from two of the stupidest things he has said on the campaign trail?

a -- That Hillary Clinton was an important part of the Clinton Administration (she even had her own personal Secretary of State -- Sinbad), and

b -- That Indiana, birthplace of the KKK and Dan Quayle, will be a fair test of how the campaign of an African American is doing.


Hillary has said it over and over. And I am convinced. This entire Democratic primary season is a waste of time. The super delegates can swing the election to either candidate.

However, neither Clinton nor Obama is electable now.

The super delegates can vote as a block to deadlock the convention and slowly squeeze the juice out of the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

People who make that argument, like me, tend to hope that Al Gore will emerge from a brokered convention as the Democratic candidate.

But why should I hate Al Gore so much? What did he ever do to me?

Al Gore spent his whole life looking for a movement he could lead. He has it now. Why make him risk it?

Why should Al Gore be hated by every non-white man and every woman of any race in America for stealing the nomination for President?

No. Right now I have some other Tennessee Democrat in mind.

Harold Ford, Jr.

I am sure there are better ideas out there. Let me know.

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