Sunday, April 13, 2008

How To Choose between Democratic Candidates You Know Are Going to Lose in November

(Part of an ongoing series)

(Not an original thought, but I'll go on record)

Barack Obama said that certain people, who feel left behind in life, may find themselves "bitter". That statement may or may not contain a kernel of truth, but to the extent its true, there are, as Obama himself has admitted, about a million better ways to say it.

Hillary Clinton has responded in part, by handing out "I'm Not Bitter" buttons to her potential supporters in the middle of Pennsylvania.

It's hard to know what she is thinking. Obama misspoke, but Hillary panicked.

I've said all along that Hillary's base consisted of people who do not have the leisure time to read blogs all day. But maybe Hillary doesn't see it that way.

Maybe she should be thinking more about her responses to Obama, instead of tossing back shots on a Saturday night

(Have you noticed recently, in moments when she's tossing shots or talking about her background as a hunter, how much Hillary looks like the Big Dog's Mom? I'll try to post pictures, as soon as I can figure out how!)

Anyway Hillary's response indicates to me for the first time that, despite what I've said on a miillion different blogs, Obama has a puncher's chance of winning the Pennsylvania primary outright.

Because Hillary is running around looking for voters who would proudly wear an "I'm Not Bitter" button during this Presidential campaign. And there's a word for voters like that --

-- Republicans

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