Monday, March 31, 2008

Do The Right Thing (Am I Molting)?

I have spent months saying the country was not ready for an African-American President, but that Hillary Clinton may be able to steal the election by driving off the Obama voters, running the same election that Gore ran, but winning Tennessee and Florida and sneaking into office.

Sure, nothing would get done. But the Republicans wouldn't get anything done either.

I have also said that the Clintons will be spending the rest of the primary season lying their pants off, proving that more people will vote for a lying white woman than a black man who is running a nearly flawless campaign.

That liberal Democrats are not ready for an African-American President, let alone the country as a whole.

Now, however, it seems that Hillary may have overplayed her hand with these Bosnian lies.

Sure, I stand by my earlier contention that Hillary will win every remaining primary except North Carolina. I stand by my earlier contention that Hillary will lose the North Carolina primary within the margin of error.

However, I do not see how she can get past the Bosnia issue in the general election, especially in the States where Hillary is saying that she can win and Obama cannot - Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Florida.

Hillary cannot drop out of the race. Because if anything happens to Obama, she has to have the strong claim to being second in line.

However, we learned a few things through this bizarre Bosnia interlude that we didn't know before. Beyond the fact that some have said for decades that the Clintons would lie about anything, and some of us are only reluctantly coming to the realization -- well we always knew they would lie about anything, we just thought that their lying was good for the Democrats.

First -- like Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton seems to have no one who can say "no" to her. You have to be a much shrewder politician than Hillary has proven herself to be so far in order to work without a "no" person. Say what you want about Karen Hughes and Karl Rove -- but when they said no, George W took a deep breath and counted to 10.

I mean this Bosnia thing was going on for months. Little lie upon little lie until it grew into a WHOPPER.

Second -- people in the Clinton camp are reading this blog. They are beginning to make express arguments that no black person can get elected in 2008.

That does not however mean that Hillary can win.

Third -- Hillary's only credible explanation for the Bosnia issue ultimately is going to have to be the "faith based" excuse. While Hillary apologizes for being wrong on the facts, the facts don't matter. She experienced the trip to Bosnia AS IF she was under enemy fire. We live in a country where people write make believe best sellers about their rehab, and where suburban housewives write "true" memoirs about being crack hos. Where we are governed by an administration that told the "fact-based community" to get with the true "reality" of the "faith-based community."

Hillary may not know any facts, but she is in perfect contact with her "faith-based" reality.

It just might work. I admit that I hope it doesn't.

I don't see any reason for Hillary to withdraw from the race. Too many things can happen to Obama between now and August. Hillary has the right to position herself to be the next person standing. Her voters, I keep saying, don't read blogs, and are not as effected by the day-to-day horse race. They have known Hillary for years, love her, and will vote for her come what may.

Although it is probably too late, Hillary should just shut her mouth. Run the wonkish little policy based campaign, and continue to pray that Obama gets hit by something.

So Obama can't win and Hillary can't win.

Who do you nominate when you know you have no chance of winning? Do you choose your ridiculously long odds over your impossibly long odds? Or is it the other way around?

Or do you do the right thing?

What would that look like anyway?