Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Problems About Hillary


Hillary keeps complaining that she needs to have the chance to get into every primary in order to have a chance to win the popular vote.

But the popular vote has little to do with the rules that were set up for the Democratic primaries -- rules that were made up by the Clintons and their supporters to "insure" her nomination.

These rules allowed the small states to save a buck or two and have a caucus. So in a state like Colorado 12 people voted, and in a state like Nevada 8 people voted. Obama won those states.

The large states all had primaries, and Hillary won the popular vote in almost all of them -- in 2 of the states -- Michigan and Florida --- she ran unopposed.

Under the circumstances, Hillary should be WAY ahead in the popular vote, and should have been at all times since Super Tuesday. Even without Michigan and Florida counted in.

Why couldn't she close the deal?

I don't think the Obama people are making this argument very well.


I voted for Hillary in the New York primary. I will vote for the Democratic candidate in November no matter who it is, but

If Obama chooses Hillary to be his running mate, it would prove that he lacks the competence to be President.

I have read so many articles on this that you would think I was getting paid to read them, but I haven't seen one single article make this simple point --

Dick Cheney consolidated power in the Vice Presidency in a way no one thought possible (or desirable).

Hillary will not relinquish one drop of that power.

Say what you want about Dick Cheney -- and I've said plenty -- but Dick Cheney took all the power he accumulated and used it to serve the President in the way that Cheney thought best.

Hillary Clinton will take all the power that Dick Cheney accumulated and will use it to serve herself.

You can't run a country with someone like that running around as a wild card.


So Hillary has the hard working voters -- the white voters. Leaving all of the non-white voters to be shiftless and lazy.

Back in the old days, the days that John McCain and Hillary Clinton seem so intent on re-creating, a Jew didn't know where a cracker-head politician like Hillary Clinton stood on whether or not Jews were whites or not.

But no matter.

The pundits keep saying that Hillary made her brazen statement now because she had nothing to lose -- all of the remaining states -- West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico -- are overwhelmingly white. (Huh?)

However, no one is saying what's going to happen when Hillary has to come back to New York and try to explain -- to Governor Patterson and Congressman Rangel and Reverend Floyd Flake and Secretary of State Sinbad -- and all the people who support them -- and all the people -- both hard working and shiftless and lazy -- who are trying to find a way to continue to support her -- how it was that she "misspoke" yet again.


Hey, moron, being a "family values" guy doesn't mean that the person with the most families has the most values.

Guy Molinari -- get your foot of your mouth and use it to kick your boy out of Washington.

It doesn't matter who Governor Patterson picks to replace Fossella for the next 6 months. Patterson could pick Jesus. But if He runs as a Democrat in Staten Island, He'll lose the House seat in November.

So what are the Republicans in Staten Island worried about?

What else are they hiding?