Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Have A Nasty Thought About Sarah Palin

I bet that what they are rehearsing in Arizona is the moment in tonight's Vice Presidential debate when Sarah "checks-out".

She'll either tear up or cry, or shout, or clam up, or walk off the stage entirely.

Then the post-debate will be completely about whether Sarah's behavior was justified, and whether whatever Biden or Gwen Ifell or the cameraman did was truly worth Sarah's reaction.

And the answer is -- of course it will be, because it will reinforce her support to her base, and it will mean that the actual answers she gives will be meaningless.

My own take is

(a) that the McCain campaign nominated -- HER, and not some Eliza Doolittle before the Ball. They should just let her say whatever she wants to say.

(b) after watching the interviews, and reading her responses to things, Sarah Palin is, at this moment, way better informed than George W. Bush is, at this moment, 7 1/2 years into his Presidency.

(c) It makes no difference. We all talk about Dan Quayle. In the Vice-Presidential debate 20 years ago, even members of the Quayle family admitted that Dan had got his ass kicked. Didn't change a single vote.

McCain will still be our President come January. Palin will be our President sometime soon after that.

Sarah Palin is the ManCheneyan candidate. And when the time comes, she will ask Dick Cheney what to do, and she will do it.