Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Brave New World -- Tomorrow Is Already Here

Three years ago, I wrote a post called "Barry Bonds --Hero of the Next Generation

It said

"In the end, I fear that the Brave New World is coming. When corporations see that steroids can help their production line workers make more products over longer periods of time, and when white collar workers see that the guy on steroids can work longer hours and sell more, and get the corner office, and when parents of students see the young athlete on steroids get the track scholarship, and the young nerd on steroids able to study all night, everyone will demand, demand that steroids go into the drinking water."

Today's New York Times says I am already too late:

In an article called "Brain Enhancement Is Wrong -- Right" The paper reminds me again, that my real name is Rip Van Winkle, that I should wake up, get out of my horse-and-buggy head, and get to the pharmacist ASAP.

Money quote:

"One person who posted anonymously on the Chronicle of Higher Education Web site said that a daily regimen of three 20-milligram doses of Adderall transformed his career: “I’m not talking about being able to work longer hours without sleep (although that helps),” the posting said. “I’m talking about being able to take on twice the responsibility, work twice as fast, write more effectively, manage better, be more attentive, devise better and more creative strategies.”

"The public backlash against brain-enhancement, if it comes, may hit home only after the practice becomes mainstream, Dr. Chatterjee suggested. “You can imagine a scenario in the future, when you’re applying for a job, and the employer says, ‘Sure, you’ve got the talent for this, but we require you to take Adderall.’ Now, maybe you do start to care about the ethical implications.”