Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mike Lupica disagrees on Anthony Weiner

I say Anthony Weiner for Mayor .

Lupica says Anthony Weiner is misguided.

I write to Mike --

Mike --

This is the point, of Anthony Weiner's more-than-appropriate comments.

In America, people of minority backgrounds can not lie to grand juries. They do that, and they go to jail. Even O.J. had the good sense to keep his mouth shut. You might even say that Democratic Presidents can not lie to grand juries. Look what happened to President Clinton.

In America, White Republicans from Texas, especially friends of the Bush family, go in front of Congress and lie every minute of every day. They can get censured, impeached, indicted six ways to Sunday. They'll never spend a second in jail, and the taxpayers are wasting their money to even try.

Beyond that, I would dare say that you will be no more able to find a jury to send Roger Clemens to jail than you were able to find a jury to send O.J. or Michael Jackson to jail. It won't really matter how strong the government's case is. You could even show a tape of Clemens bragging about how he lied and is getting away with it. No jury is sending this guy anywhere but to Cooperstown.

The 100% chance of a finding of no indictment, an acquittal or a pardon in the Clemens case will only increase the cynicism about the system, and will send a message that in all measures, large and small, is the exact opposite of the one your column suggests.

Bonds should have known better. Roger does.


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