Monday, March 01, 2004

But since Andrew Sullivan is gracious enough to hook into his antagonists, like David Frumat the National Review, I will too. And Frum makes a whole deal of fair points, no matter how you come out on it, on the legal/ Federalism issues raised by gay marriages.

I'll let Sullivan handle his own defense. However, I bring it up to cross into two other articles. One is .Bob Herbert's in today's New York Times, who notes, as Andrew Sullivan has, that "Full Faith and Credit" issues take a lot of time to wind through the system. Miscegnation laws invalidated mixed-race marriages in a lot of states for a lot of years. But Herbert undercuts his own argument by admitting that eventually the Supreme Court stepped in. Gays have more resources than African-Americans did. It would not take 100 years for gay rights marriages to come before the courts