Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Broadway Lullabys

In no particular order, and in honor of 30 days of parenthood, and my return to this blog, 10 Broadway lullabys

1. Stay Awake ("Mary Poppins")

2. Tender Shepherd ("Peter Pan")

3. More I Cannot Wish You ("Guys And Dolls". The best Irish lullaby of Broadway)

4. Papa’s Gonna Make It Alright ("Shenandoah")

5. Moonshine Lullaby ("Annie Get Your Gun")

6. Edelweis ("Sound of Music")

7. Goodnight My Someone ("Music Man") (Also "Till There Was You", the only song, to my knowledge, to have versions both by Robert Preston and Paul McCartney)

8. Soon Its Gonna Rain ("The Fantastiks"; Also "Try To Remember")

9. Lullaby of Broadway ("42nd Street"; which actually sounds like a lullaby when you sing it slowly, and counts as a lullaby, because, in my limited experience, it works)

10. When You Wish Upon A Star ("Pinnochio". Really a Hollywood Lullaby, but I imagine that the Disney Theatrical people will get to it eventually).