Tuesday, August 14, 2007

See You On The Road, Karl Rove

Thanks, John Podhoretz, for confirming the existence of the Evil Republican Genius Hall of Fame . I had a feeling all the rumors were true.

That Hall of Fame must not be like the Baseball Hall of Fame. Must be like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where you don't have to be retired to get in.

I thought that Karl Rove was leaving Washington to hit the road for Bush-Cheney '08. That of course, is Jeb Bush, and Dick Cheney, who contrary to another hard to shake myth, is not subject to term limits.

Since it is unlikely that either of those fine gentlemen could be elected by a fair vote of the citizenry, I thought Karl Rove had "retired" so he can go to the hinterlands and instruct all the new U.S. Attorneys on how to trump up indictments against all the well-meaning, patriotic Democratic candidates (all Democrats are well-meaning and patriotic -- it is not a myth) who are stupid enough to think that they can simply follow the laws, and seek political office --- and all those voters who naively think they are free to exercise their right to vote, simply because their great-grandparents slaved, fought, marched and died to get the Constitution amended and enforced.

More fantastic than the Evil Republican Genius Hall of Fame is the notion that the Bush family would let Karl Rove ride easy into the good night when W- faces such a rough 18 months ahead.

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