Saturday, June 09, 2007

If Paris Hilton can get 45 Days, Lewis Libby Gets Off Easy at 45 Years

I'm always thrilled to see that the same people who want to throw the book at Paris Hilton and the 12 million illegal immigrants shriek with outrage about the hard time Lewis Libby is having.

If Paris Hilton can get 45 days, Lewis Libby gets off light at 45 years, never mind the 30 months of prison time he will most likely never have to do.

I wrote this in October 2005 .

Nothing has changed.

"So far, the difference between Libby's Indictment for Obstruction of Justice, and the Watergate Indictments, or the Clinton Impeachment, or even Martha Stewart's stock fraud, is that in those cases the people obstructing justice did not do a good job with their obstruction. The truth came out pretty quickly.

"We wondered why the Nixon White House, or Bill Clinton, or Martha Stewart would lie about such small matters....

"Scooter Libby not only obstructed justice, but so far his obstruction of justice has succeeded. The obstruction remains. We only have a slight clue as to what really happened.

"People who say that the cover-up was worse than the crime -- or that there was no crime to cover up --- are pretending to know something they don't know.

"(A)n enormous crime has been committed against the CIA in particular, and the security apparatus of this nation in general, and so far, Scooter Libby, a professional at his craft, has thwarted the professional prosecutors at their craft.

"We do not know - when - if ever -- the true story will emerge."