Monday, October 31, 2005

So Far Justice Has Been Successfully Obstructed

"Put Your Hand On My Head Baby,
Do I Have A Temperature?
I See People Who Are Supposed To Know Better,
Just Standing Around Like Furniture."

Bob Dylan

So far, the difference between Libby's Indictment for Obstruction of Justice, and the Watergate Indictments, or the Clinton Impeachment, or even Martha Stewart's stock fraud, is that in those cases the people obstructing justice did not do a good job with their obstruction. The truth came out pretty quickly.

We wondered why the Nixon White House, or Bill Clinton, or Martha Stewart would lie about such small matters.

Here, if the indictment is to be believed, Scooter Libby not only obstructed justice, but so far his obstruction of justice has succeeded. The obstruction remains. We only have a slight clue as to what really happened.

People who say that the cover-up was worse than the crime -- or that there was no crime to cover up --- are pretending to know something they don't know.

I take the position that an enormous crime has been committed against the CIA in particular, and the security apparatus of this nation in general, and so far, Scooter Libby, a professional at his craft, has thwarted the professional prosecutors at their craft. And given the shaky nature of the facts that emerged last Friday, my position is as good as the Rushies and the Foxies.

We do not know - when - if ever -- the true story will emerge.