Friday, October 21, 2005

I Used To Care ... But Things Have Changed

I guess I'll be rooting for the White Sox. If I can stay awake. I sleep through a lot of baseball, since I'm older, but not fatter (but fat enough) than I used to be.

But the Astros offense for some reason puts me to sleep ALL THE TIME. I don't know why.

I wrote a piece last December that I called "Suppose They Gave A Drug Scandal And Nobody Came" where I said (in relevant part)

"Roger Clemens, over the age of 40, wins another Cy Young award. You can draw false conclusions from this sort of thing --- but --- here's a fellow who had several incidents of something that is, hey -- exactly like 'roid rage, on the World Wide telly-vision during the most recent World Series he got to. Everybody said that pitchers are throwing broken bats at players all the time. No one said boo. Clemens retired after the 2003 season --- and this is I know, a complete coincidence --- in advance of what looked for a minute or two to be the implementation of a strict drug testing system. The drug testing system turned out to be two tests one week apart (and I wonder whether Bonds and Clemens tested early in the year or late. It turned out that Roger did not have to travel with the Astros on the road (the better to watch his boys play high school football, the better to control his diet and supplement use --- or maybe just a coincidence). At that point, Roger agreed to sign. Now the 2005 drug testing regimen is up in the air, and, Cy Young or no Cy Young, and I am sure, a complete coincidence, Roger is unclear as to whether he "wants to put his family through" the ordeal of another 8-figure paycheck ...

Why isn't there any heat on Bill Romanowski?"

And yet I enjoyed watching Clemens pitch this summer, since he was no longer a Yankee or a Red Sox.

I stand by the implications of my December rant, but I find, like virtually every one else who isn't Senator McCain, that I don't really care. 4 months in jail for Victor Conte 4 months in prison for one of Barry's trainers.

I wish I could remember who I stole this from ... what is remarkable about Clemens this year is that he is the living embodiment of the old sentiment of "If I knew then what I know now, and had the body I had 20 years ago .. What I couldn't do."