Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Living Will Would Not Have Made A Difference

In the middle of all of what went on last week, I asked Would A Living Will Have Made A Difference? .

I could not see how the people arguing for Terri Schiavo, in the manner they were arguing, could have possibly been deterred by a living will.

Andrew Sullivan agrees , linking Eric Cohen's article in the Weekly Standard.

Sullivan's money quote:

"My "what if?" is a real one. And the theocon right has answered it. They want an end to the "autonomy regime." They have gone from saying that a pregnant mother has no autonomy over her own body because another human being is involved to saying that a person has no ultimate autonomy over her own body at all. These are the stakes. The very foundation of modern freedom - autonomy over one's own physical body - is now under attack. And if a theocon government won't allow you control over your own body, what else do you have left?"