Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Senator Clinton and the New York Post

Yesterday's New York Post editorial, again, offered praise for Senator Clinton's position on Iraq

Nothing gets everyone so hot and bothered, on both the right and the left, as an intelligent conversation of Hillary Clinton's position on the War on Terrorism.

The editorial says:

"Speaking from Baghdad as part of a high-profile "fact-finding" tour, Mrs. Clinton over the weekend expressed "cautious optimism" about Iraq's future — and firmly rejected any artificial deadline for U.S. troop withdrawals:

""That just gives a green light to the insurgents and the terrorists, that if they can just wait us out they can basically have the country. It's not in our interests, given the sacrifices we've made.""

The Post's opinion:

"The logic is impeccable."

Naturally, the bulk of the editorial goes on to question the Senator's motives, but in the end even the Post had to throw up their hands and admit:

"President Bush, in other words, just got an "attaboy" from an unlikely source.

" and the Angry wing of the Democratic Party no doubt will seek to make Mrs. Clinton pay for her candor — correct though she may be.

"When that day comes, more moderate Democrats should keep in mind what Mrs. Clinton said when it mattered — and apportion their support accordingly."

Even I understand that Senator Clinton is a professional politician, married to the best political strategist in the modern Democratic party. But those people who have an irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton, or an irrational love, need to take a step back every once in a while, and listen to what she is actually saying. It is amazing, but if you actually stop and listen, politicians, over time, do say what they are actually thinking.

Senator Clinton seems to be saying that there was something wrong in the Middle East that caused them to bomb a building, in New York, where she has a job as United States Senator. What was wrong in the Middle East has to be made right.

Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton is Edward Kennedy is Michael Moore, both those who fundraise with it on the right and those who hope for it on the left, are simply setting up some fictional character to advance their own agendas.