Monday, October 18, 2004

A Letter to Andrew Sullivan -- Suskind On Bush


As one of the three pro-war Democrats left in this country, I am very nervous about John Kerry's foreign policy, especially, quite bluntly, about the effect that his policies will have on the future of Israel.

However, I agree with what you said yourself in your comment about Suskind On Bush

"But what you get increasingly from the president is an arrogance and contempt for critics that is bordering on dangerous .... You realize eventually that Bush's cabinet is actually a royal court, in which criticism is simply treachery. In the broader political world, you're either with this president in everything he does or you are a traitor, an unbeliever, a leftist, and an enabler of terror. That's how Bush sees the world. And he wonders why has left this country even more divided than when he found it."

Bush is a man who would be King, and to me this fact ought to automatically disqualify Bush from the Presidency. This goes beyond his choices for what to do in Iraq after the elections, or whether or not he replaces Justice Stevens with an Antonin Scalia clone, or whether he destroys Social Security in an attempt to find more funds for his Wall Street contributors to make commissions on.

Just as Bush has undone all that Clinton has done, the next President can undo all that Bush has done --- but only if there is a next President. If God is on Bush's side, if God is telling Bush what to do, if God is telling Bush that those who oppose him are infidels, how can Bush possibly allow a Constitution or even a Constitutional system to stand in his way?

a/k/a "B After The Fact"