Sunday, October 03, 2004

B Responds To The Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard runs an Editorial called Another Vietnam

It says

"Bush obviously stands with the large contingent of Americans who are determined that, if we ever did face another Vietnam, never again would we pull out in a headlong rush and leave our allies sinking in the mud, clutching at our helicopter skids as we fly away, with the wreck of the new and better nation we had tried to build collapsing around their heads. Never again will we treat America's trustworthiness and honor, and the hopes of our friends, and the blood-sacrifices of our soldiers, like bad debts to be written off with a shudder."

I responded

I don't know why anyone would make an assertion like that and claim it to be "obvious".

From the Air National Guard, to Armbusto, to the Texas Rangers, to Bush v. Gore, to the hunt for Osama -- W's pattern is clear: Get out when the going gets tough, and leave the fall-out to others.

I believe that Bush will learn the following lesson from Vietnam --

Hold a mock election. Declare victory. Go home.

If Michael Moore had the courage of his anti-war convictions, he'd vote for George Bush.

Forest Hills, New York