Monday, May 24, 2004

Last weekend (around May 15), B read a little article by David Galentier in THE WEEKLY STANDARD about the need to win the war. He called on Democrats to rally around the country in its time of need, stating that if the country was in an hour of need, Republicans can always be trusted to come to the aid of the country.

He invited "serious" comments on whether or not the Republicans ever abandoned the country in its hour of need. I responsed as below. I have heard no response. Apparently I am not serious.

"It has been difficult to be a pro-war Democrat in this climate. But I haven't thrown in the towel yet.

I do not think Democrats are letting the country down, for the reasons I will cite below. However, granting your argument, you ask if Republicans have ever let the country down as badly as you feel Democrats are now.

I would seriously respond that when Bill Clinton attempted to conduct military strikes against Al Qaeda in the middle of his impeachment troubles, Republicans screamed "Wag The Dog." Clinton, who was a reluctant warrior anyway, backed down quickly. A little more serious look at what Clinton was trying to do, and a little less knee-jerk contempt, a little less concern for impeachment at all costs, might have allowed the United States to mobilize a couple of year sooner, changed the climate a little, maybe save a building or two in the long run.

Democrats owe this Administration NOTHING:

Although there are many good reasons for continuing to fight this war, it seems increasingly clear that the Bush Administration is interested in none of them. The justifications for the war given in the Weekly Standard, ideas I agree with generally, are simply being coopted by the Bush Admnistration to give lip service for the rationales behind the war. It is increasingly clear that the Bush Administration went to war for an entirely different set of reasons.

There is no indication from the Bush Administration itself (as opposed to you and Kristol) that its war goals are foreign policy oriented. Bush is simply using the war to settle old scores, to rewrite the financial arrangement regarding oil in the Middle East, and to little by slowly smear (detain) all those who disagree with their domestic policy. (They are all enemy combattants.)

After the election, when confronted with the need for a draft, the Bush Administration will simply declare victory and go home. They will increase the reign of terror over American dissent (read Democrats), and leave Iraq to its own devices.

A Kerry Administration, concerned about America's place before the world and before the Lord, will most likely stay the course. I expect Kerry will have no assistance from the Republican Party or from people like you."