Monday, March 08, 2004

More about the Bush 9-11 Ads

Which I still haven't seen.

One thing that has been left unsaid is that the Bush ads, and Guiliani's endorsement of them (what else could he say) breaks the almost 3-years where reaction to the tragedy, at least here in the New York metropolitan area, was focused on the firefighters as the first-among-the-victims.

The notion of Bush, and now Guiliani, that it was a tragedy that hurt us all, is not, and after this incident, is probably still not, something a New Yorker would dare say out loud.

If Pataki or Schumer or Clinton, or even Guiliani, all of whom were elected officials, just like Bush, on 9-11, would run ads in New York that were offensive to any of the firefighter, they would have to remove the ads.