B After The Fact

Saturday, May 31, 2003

These are the private facts:

I am 44 years old, and I had heart valve replacement surgery earlier this year. I found out that I needed the surgery because I had a stroke. I walked away from the stroke, which is a good thing because I know a few things about brain-damaged people, and I do not want to know more from personal experience. I am always trying to lose weight.

The fact is that I have been given a massive mid-life crisis to work through.

These are the semi-public facts.

I am a lawyer with a SAG card. At other times, I have been a working actor with a law degree. I have been following the New York Mets since 1967. I have written two unproduced plays about Ulysses S. Grant. I know more about musical theatre than any married person ought to.

The fact is that I enjoy discussing all of these topics, but I am not sure that any of them are terribly important.

These are the public facts.

I am glad that Saddam is gone, and I only wish Clinton or Gore had done it.

I think there is no reason to believe that government is inherently more corrupt or less competent than business or religion.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people, is such a radical concept that it is not surprising when high-ranking officials in our own government either try to shut the government down or leave it too bankrupt to function properly.

The basic system --- somewhat, but not completely, democratic government and somewhat, but not completely, free markets --- is the chief reason that people have so much wealth and success in America. People are succeeding because of the system -- not in spite of it. I hope to come back to this issue, and not be boring.

A Democratic candidate can win the 2004 presidential election if he can make the case that the Republicans are trying to destroy the system, and that we do not reallly want them to, and we should not let them. I do not know if there is anyone out there who can sell this. I am not sure if anyone is out there trying.

The fact is that the Republicans in positions of power are trying to go Back To The Future -- especially Part 2 -- where there is a nightmare going on.