Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Reflections to the Reaction To Barack Obama's Speech To Schoolchildren That Hasn't Even Been Delivered Yet)

The songwriter was right.

The revolution will not be televised.

It really happened -- we elected Barack Obama.

I didn't think the country was ready. Then I saw how negatively it reacted to Sarah Palin.

Then I thought the election would be stolen. Isn't that why they fired all those U.S. Attorneys and hired all those new ones? But the margin of victory on Election Day was too large to overcome.

Then I thought they'd get to him before January 20. But they didn't.

So this country has made this profound revolutionary change.

This year.

This country.

Not those sophisticated European countries who smirk about how naive we are. What sort of cowboys we are.

Not those third world countries who consider themselves martyrs to capitalist imperialism -- those who think we spend all our waking hours being too fat, lazy and stupid to know which way the wind blows.

The United States of America -- like everyone else -- had fancy words that said that anyone, no matter how humble their background, no matter how defiled their people had once been, this country said that anyone could be President.

And in a revolutionary act unknown in the history of the world, in a free election, this country kept its word.

We elected Barack Obama President, and we swore him in.

The revolution is still not being televised.

The people who support Obama. You never see them on television They're not pretty enough. They're too busy working.

You just see these people who think they are the "Real America" venting their anger.

They thought they were dreaming, but they weren't.

Things really have changed, so of course they're angry. They have the means to create a lot of damage, and a lot of suffering.

And they will.

But I'd rather be on our side of the argument.

The side that knows that little by little, over time and blood, everyone in the United States will be able to pursue happiness.